Your business is working but you wish it was less WORK.

You spend way more time feeling like you're pushing a boulder uphill, sweaty and panting, than you do feeling like you're cruising downhill, the wind whipping through your hair.

I have been there.

And the answers you're looking for?

They aren't "out there."

They are inside of you. In your unique energetic blueprint.


"Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid."

The key to success & ease in your business is already inside of you.

In this era of influencers and internet marketers, it's easy to chase someone else's success and think that by doing it just the same way they've done it, you'll get the same results.

But if you've ever tried this (consciously or unconsciously!), you know what it feels like: hard, inauthentic, uncertain, and like you're constantly coming up short.

And yet you keep telling yourself you just need to work harder, or take another course, or fix your mindset.

When what you really need to is to be more YOU. You are insanely capable -- when you're not trying to be a fish that's climbing a tree!

The hours you work, the rhythm of your days and weeks, the way you communicate, the offers you make, the way you market and sell -- all of it should be YOU.

And using your Human Design, the unique genetic blueprint that showcases the energy and strengths you were born with, allows you to see it clearly and start using it to your advantage.

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What you get inside the Designed for Brilliance Collective:

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Bi-Weekly Human Design lesson

Currently we are exploring each of the 9 energetic Functions (Centers) so that we can bring more of what is truly our energy & strengths to our business

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Live group discussion & coaching

Each week we meet virtually (on Zoom) to discuss the current lesson and how it's showing up in our business so that we take our learning from information into action.

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Deep Dive Masterclasses

Monthly topics from Marketing using your Public Role (Profile) and Navigating Emotional Authority to Planetary Business Alignment and Self Care by Design. (And you get instant access to all these past classes!)

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Collective Facebook Group

A supportive community of liked-minded, like-spirited business owners you can reach out to at any time -- and a place to ask questions in between our live calls.

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Design Keynotes Report

A personalized, written report on your energy, decision-making strategy, biggest shadow and public role so you can better understand your unique Human Design and start leveraging it in your business right away.

BONUS: Marketing Workshops to Grow Your Audience

As a Collective member you'll also receive my Get Your Webinar Done and Rock Solid Social Media Content Workshops to support your aligned marketing efforts. ($694 value!)

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Marisa Raymond

"Learning about my human design and decision-making strategy has made it so much easier to trust that I’m doing what is right for myself and my business. And her Designed for Brilliance Collective is an amazingly supportive environment to dive even deeper and experiment. Thanks to Jackie, I have more confidence as a business owner and feel calmer when confronted with the edge of my comfort zone!"

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Karen Aquinas

"Human Design gave me a huge green light to run my business in the way that works best for me. Since becoming a member of Jackie’s Designed for Brilliance Collective my business has been supercharged with good vibes not only because Jackie helped me identify the business strategies that are best in alignment with my Design, but because the wonderful members in the group are a continued source of inspiration and encouragement."

You are Designed for Brilliance

Join our Collective of heart-centered, soul-led business owners and use your Human Design to uncover more of your own unique magic and a way of doing business that just feels RIGHT.

(FYI: you may find yourself asking, "Can it really be this good? Can it really be this easy? Can it really be this fun? YES, YES & YES.)


It's time to find your unshakeable inner confidence.

It's time to trust yourself.

As a business owner, if you aren't working with your unique energy, using the strengths you were born with and following your inner wisdom you're probably fighting:

Frustration. Fear. Exhaustion. Resistance. Self doubt. Procrastination. Disappointment. Anger. Bitterness. Burnout.

And one-size-fits-all business building advice, courses and programs just keep telling you how to climb that tree and fail to take YOU into account.

Enough. It's time to jump into the water where you belong and start experiencing:

Satisfaction. Flow. Creativity. Delight. Peace. Energy. Confidence. Success. Ease.

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We are all in this together.

Whether this is the first you’re hearing of Human Design, or you’ve been in your experiment for a while now, the Designed for Brilliance Collective will give you radical permission to be YOU in your business, empowered to trust and believe in yourself, and connected to a community of like-minded, like-spirited business owners to grow and celebrate with.


This special offer is around until my birthday!

(No fake scarcity here -- you can still join the Collective after this date via a 1:1 Design Decode session but this special invite will expire at midnight on February 19th!)









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